Make My Blinds

Make My Blinds are an eCommerce-only retailer of made-to-measure blinds. They approached Fiora with an inadequate brand and outdated website that was not fit for purpose. Our brief was to help them reposition the brand, rebuild their website and take them through their next phase of growth.

Make My Blinds

Brand creative

In a crowded marketplace with no high street presence we needed to create a brand that stood out and, more importantly, was engaging. Some may see blinds as the last things to inspire the everyday interior designer. We saw it as an opportunity to capture the imagination of someone looking to add the all-important finishing touches to their decor.

We created a brand that echoed the vision, values and personality of its owners. With a humorous and charming tone of voice and a bold visual identity to match, Make My Blinds offers a personal experience rarely found with an online brand.

Brand creative

Securing more online conversions

As part of the build phase, we undertook a discovery process to understand how their products worked, how they were made and how their back-end processes worked. This then led into workshops where we identified key customer journeys and pinch points. Our mission for the site was to “make the process of ordering blinds as simple as possible”.

The project was specified through a thorough UX (User Experience) and wire-framing process in close collaboration with our brand and digital marketing teams.

Securing more online conversions

Delivering results (& blinds)

The site is built on the Magento 2 platform with significant bespoke functionality, such as:

  • Custom size-based pricing model
  • Sample ordering process and dedicated quick checkout
  • Integration with CRM system
  • Integration with supplier systems
  • Custom filters and basket customisations

The site was launched in June 2018 with phase 2 features in the pipeline. More importantly, the site is now a strong platform for growth as it supports CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and digital marketing activities.

The business has seen a significant performance boost since launch, with sample orders doubling, and a year-on-year increase in conversions and revenue.