Craft N Croft



We are renovating an old derelict building in the heart of Stokes Croft community into an art hub which would be suitable from infant to adults. The new “art hub” will include a variety of classes such as; pottery, textiles and candle making.There is already a bus stop outside of the building, this means that there will be easy access via the public transport system to the art hub. The hub will also include a cafe if you ever feel like taking a quick break in the area.

Research - Existing Projects

Old fire station

The old fire station was designed in 1924 and built in 1930, it was a fully functioning station until 1973, it then had various uses up until it was transformed into its current state. The old fire station in Bristol has been transformed into two different things, part of it has been turned into laser fusion. This has become a booming business in the entre of Bristol. It is used by all ages and genders which means that the business can grow further. The other part of the fire station has become a youth club, it is open all day and its inclusive of all.

White ladies road cinema

White ladies road cinema was built in 1921, it had a ballroom, billiard room, restaurant and one screen for the cinema. However in 1978 it was transformed into a 3 screen cinema. This allowed it to be more welcoming to more ages, before it would have been more exclusive to the older generation but by adding more screens it made it more inviting to a younger generation. It also made the cinema modern. In 2001 the cinema was forced to close down, it was left empty until 2010 when a non-profit company started raising awareness of the history of the building, they started raising money and the cinema was refurbished into a fully functioning cinema again. The building is now part of the everyman’s cinema company and was the first from this branch to be built in Bristol.

M Shed

The M Shed is a historic museum which tells the story of Bristol. The building used to be a 1950’s transit shed, now it holds the memories of Bristolians throughout years. The artefacts range from prehistoric to the 21stcentury. All of the information was gathered from working with experts and communities across the city. Lots of collections or objects, arts and archives also play an important part in the museum. The museum is a very popular place, it features videos, images and many others things which help tell the story of Bristol and how it got to where it is today.

Hamilton House

Hamilton house has been used for the last 10 years by a group called coexist. The group bought the community together by mainly using art but also by running groups which were beneficial to the community. Over the 10 years the group has had over 500 artists using the studios and presenting their art in Hamilton house. Whilst having the artist they also held different activities. Some of these were yoga or other fitness activities. The group also had their own kitchen and a non-profit cookery school which works with groups like Bristol Drugs Project and second step. There is also rooms which they allow refugee groups to use for free. However the owners of Hamilton house want to turn the building into flats. The community is currently campaigning to save Hamilton house and all the work that coexist do to help them.

Research - Empty Buildings We Explored

Speedwell Swimming Pool

The swimming pool was shut down in 2005 and has been closed ever since. The building has been used by squatters to live in and is currently filled with rubbish and graffiti. It was built in 1937 in an art deco style. There has been 3 attempts to restore the building, two of those didn’t go through as there wasn’t enough money going into it. the third attempt Is to turn it into flats. However the community feel as though the building could once again be a buzzing swimming pool.

North Bristol Baths

The bath house was built in 1915 and shit down in 2005. The inside of the building has been partially renovated into a health clinic however the renovations were never finished. The building has the potential to be something better than a health clinic and I think it could help bring the community together.

Old Courthouses

The courthouses are currently being renovated by a charity however they have been abandoned for a while. There is many court rooms which could be transformed and there are also some jail cells underneath the main courtrooms . These could be turned into a game, maybe laser quest.

Princess Of Wales Pub

This pub is located in Bedminster, the primary buildings around it are residential, however the main shopping streets are only a walk away. Inside there is a single bar and some seating area. There is also a basement and a flat upstairs. This pub has potential of being a little community centre as there is a lot of space, however I think it would need a lot of funding to make it into anything decent that the community would enjoy coming too.


This building was built as a cinema in 1914, since then it has had many different uses. In 1955 it was turned into a chapel. In 1998 it was purchased by the Wetherspoonsfranchise and named the magic box. The building had a bar and looked like your average pub. The pub was shut in 2006 and then used as a music venue. The building is currently under plans to become a mosque however the local community don’t want this. The building would be a perfect place to open a community centre or to reopen the cinema they once had.

Statistics of Cotham

  • 11,800 people
  • 32% young people aged 20-29
  • Good health
  • Average crime rate for Bristol
  • Social care low
  • Highfoot traffic


We asked a number of people from the area around the Metropolis building a few questionnaires to get their opinion of the area. Most of them wanted a place for their children to come and see there kids, some older people wanted somewhere to create artwork.

Based off our research we have decided to turn the building into a art hub which will be open to everyone. There will be an area for children’s art, an area for adult’s art and then cafe on site.

Different Classes

  • Pottery
  • Painting
  • Life Drawing
  • Letterpress
  • Textiles
  • Stamp making
  • Lino cutting
  • Candle making
  • Stain Glass Workshops

Kid's Workshops

  • Drawing
  • Hand\Feet stamping
  • Clay/ Playdoh
  • Paint by numbers
  • Paint a pot
  • After-school art classes
  • Paper craft

Possible Names

  • Craftin’ croft
  • Croft centre
  • Sydenham Centre
  • Croft box/ Craft box
  • Work Box
  • Centre Down
  • Metro
  • Pub Hub
  • Red house
  • Craft house
  • Craft n Croft

Logo Ideas

For our logo, we decided to use the idea of having 3 points, one for each area that the building covers. We experimented with 3 triangles, 3 people and 3 circles.

After developing the ideas we had we decided that the idea that featured 3 triangles worked the best. We decided that we would separate the triangles into separate areas, the blue triangle will be for the cafe, the red one is for adult classes and the purple one is for kids classes.

These are our initial drawings of some logos we created.

Logo Ideas

We then created the drawn logos on illustrator and played around with colours and font

These are the developments of the triangle idea we liked. We played around with different icons which could be associated with arts. We decided that we liked the paint buckets the best.

Then we experimented with different colour schemes to see what worked well and what didn’t. We didn’t want the colours to be swaying towards a certain gender so we tried to keep them gender neutral.

We chose our favourite colour combination and then applied the final logo to different mock-ups. We chose a variety of different mock-ups so we could see what it looks like in lots of different scenarios.