Multi Digital Touchpoint Design


Great websites don’t happen by accident, nor are they designed in isolation. Planning a digital project is a careful balance between looks, budget, usability and deadlines. Luckily, we’re here to navigate you through the process.

We’ll help you choose what path is best for you, but you can expect the same outcomes from each of them:

  • Requirements Gathering
    • Understanding what you need from a website, what’s essential, what’s optional, and what your budget will stretch to 
  • Wireframes
    • Low-fidelity sketches that illustrate the structure and functionality of the website to quickly gain feedback
  • Visual Design
    • Beautiful, innovative and considered website visuals, with a high level of detail and working across all devices.
  • Functional Specification
    • Annotated designs that form a master document that defines what does and doesn’t get built
  • Project Plan and Budget
    • A detailed project plan with timelines and budgets.

We pride ourselves on our internal collaboration, and you can expect cross-functional teams working throughout this stage, bringing in expertise from development, digital marketing, brand and strategy.