Discovery is an extension to our Immersion phase. 

Whilst ‘Immersion’ enables us to get to grips with your business and requirements quickly and effectively, Discovery allows us to spend more time looking deeper and for longer into all areas of your business, markets, customers and clients, so that we have the best possible foundation of information on which all subsequent marketing activity is built. 

This involves a wide range of insight gathering including:

  • Stakeholder sessions to identify commercial opportunities
  • Online and offline sales comparisons
  • Analysing customer journeys
  • Evaluating communication strategies
  • Business immersion to gain first-hand knowledge of how a client’s business is run
  • Customer profiling to gain insights into their behaviours and requirements
  • Business profiling to know your business objectives, processes and procedures
  • In depth competitor benchmarking 
  • Market research to identify new opportunities

Discovery gives us a broader and more in-depth understanding of what is important to your business and your customers and highlights any challenges that may hinder future marketing success.