Customer Experience Strategy


We provide Customer Experience Strategies for our clients. The aim is to provide a customer experience that is joined up and exceeds customers’ expectations.

A customer experience strategy analyses every touchpoint that a customer has with your brand. Its purpose is to discover your customers’ needs, emotions, motivations and expectations and to identify gaps and problems within the business that could either lessen the customer experience or act as a barrier to the customer buying your products or services. 

For example:

  • Online – the strategy would evaluate how customers hear about your business, interact with your social media, navigate your website and purchase, the links between these elements so they feel joined up from a customers’ view, the emails they receive etc.
  • In-store – the strategy would consider first impressions, the interaction with your staff, ease of navigation, time it takes to be served, menu layouts, point of sale etc.
  • Post purchase: looking at all areas of interaction during a customer’s journey with your brand and all the communications and touch-points along the post purchase journey.