Paid Social


Social media advertising can be one of the most cost-effective ways to drive web traffic to your business, sell product and build brand engagement.

We start by reviewing past campaign performance as we always aim to build on sound learning where it exists. Where it doesn’t exist, we aim to create learning through well-structured test and learn methodologies. 

Initially we come up with various campaign concepts. These are built out of the insight gathered during the Discovery phase. We start with consumer groups and the opportunities of targeting those groups that look most like the target audience. This can be based on demographics, lifestyle, interests, browsing behaviour and customer data.

We then agree a set of Key Performance Indicators based on the campaign objectives (brand awareness, likes, shares, clicks, sales etc.), the number of people we want to reach, how often and what we want them to do. 

We next consider which messages will prove most motivating in pursuit of these objectives and craft these into compelling copy, alongside the most engaging creative assets we can conceive.