Stakeholder Engagement


Great websites don’t happen by accident, nor are they designed in isolation. Planning a digital project is a careful balance between looks, budget, usability, and deadlines. Luckily, we’re here to navigate you through the process. 

We split this part into one of 3 paths, carefully crafted to best fit the needs of clients who have different goals and challenges:

SprintCollaborate – Engage

We’ll help you choose what path is best for you, but you can expect the same outcomes from each of them.

Sprint is the route for clients who know exactly what they want. And want it fast. To ensure the web solution meets the aims and objectives of your business we arrange two focused workshops with our dedicated cross-functional project team. Having understood and agreed your needs and requirements, the team quickly prototypes and tests a number of solutions that meet your brief. This involves creating sketches and wireframes (rough visual guides) depicting page layouts, functionality, arrangement of content, navigation and how the elements of the site work together. Once the approach has been agreed we rapidly move to creating a high definition, flexible solution that has you up and running as quickly as possible.

Clients should choose Sprint if they have a small team with clear goals, have been the process before, have hard deadlines or a restrictive budget. 

Collaborate is path for organisations that wish to build a shared digital vision. The Collaborate process is designed to build consensus and instil within a company a shared understanding of the website’s goals, requirements and design. Collaborate uses stakeholder interviews and collaborative design workshops to carefully plan design milestones in order to gain maximum engagement.  By creating an understandable, detailed specification combined with detailed designs, means everyone can get on board.

Clients choose Collaborate if they have a large team with diverse priorities, undertaking a wider digital transformation or are nervous about the project

Engage is the road for clients that want an evidence-based, customer focused approach. The Engage process interacts with customers and users throughout the design process. By involving customers through interviews and focus groups, we can build customer journey maps and test every stage of development from prototypes to finished product ensuring that the customer’s requirements are continually met.

By including customers this way in the development of a website, we can obtain powerful insights that can drive more engagement once the website is live. 

Clients choose Engage if they have an established, engaged customer base, an existing site that gets negative feedback or require robust evidence for their stakeholders.