Search Engine Optimisation


When optimising your website for search engines, we adopt a three step and through process:

  • Keyword audit: all Search Engine Optimisation is built on discovering and utilising keywords. By researching the keywords used to find products and services on yours and competitors’ websites, a series of questions can be compiled.
  • Technical audit: we to ensure the coding allows search engines to easily find relevant content that answers the question being posed. Search engines take into consideration aspects such as: the user experience, how easy it is for someone to navigate the site, the size of the buttons, the readability of the content and how long it takes for the page to load.
  • On page audit: content is key. Content headings, page title, meta descriptions all need to be optimised for keywords and each page should lead with a strong keyword. We check that there are no overlapping themes on the website and that each page answers a specific keyword question. Keeping it simple with one question per page makes it easy for search engines to find the relevant information and display it.