Pay-Per-Click Marketing


PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns have moved on a long way from simple text and image ads. With today’s fragmented social channels, advanced bid software and tracking systems, there’s a larger scope for analysis and PPC marketing campaign management that simply wasn’t possible a few years ago. 

The landscape has evolved almost beyond recognition. Has your business evolved with it? 

Our Primary PPC Channels

There is an abundance of PPC channels that we work with, including:

  • Google Ads (incl. Shopping Feed setup & daily bid optimisation for thousands of products)
  • Facebook & Instagram ads (incl. Facebook Shop)
  • Microsoft Advertising (Formerly Bing Ads) – (incl. Shopping)
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat & Spotify
  • Programmatic Display


Google ads search campaign creation

Our expert and dedicated PPC team provide a full range of PPC services across search, display, video and shopping channels. They work closely with our clients to understand their key objectives, creating campaigns built around their key business goals and target audiences.

By combining industry-leading knowledge, strategy and an unwavering obsession with performance and ROI, they get the most from your budget while delivering measurable sales and leads. 

As a Google Certified Partner — a globally recognised qualification set by Google — we can take care of all aspects of PPC for you, from the creative to setting up of landing pages — so all you need to worry about is handling new enquiries.

Here’s what you’ll get when you work with Fiora’s PPC team

  • Expert planning and execution
  • Continuous campaign tracking, monitoring and reporting
  • In-depth analysis of your industry and competitors
  • Advert creation and optimisation
  • In-depth keyword research and targeting using audience segmentation, data, social listening and insights
  • ROI measurement
  • Discovery of new market opportunities
  • Continuous creative development and testing
  • Location targeting and mobile targeting
  • Bid management
  • Conduct a comprehensive audit of your accounts and structure them accordingly
  • Review analytics to ensure proper goal and/or e-commerce configuration

PPC advertising is flexible, accountable and can deliver immediate results. Do you have a project in mind? Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you.

PPC consultant sharing a PPC Campaign report on a screen

Not Sure Which PPC Channel You Should Use?

We trial PPC depending on your sector and business objectives. We most commonly use Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads and manage the whole process — including tracking setup, campaign creation and ongoing optimisation.

Our agency uses enterprise-level software to manage campaigns across Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Baidu. This ensures that all our Account Managers are using best in class software to help deliver best in class campaigns. 

Google marketing platform elements

Google Search Ads 360

We use Google 360 to provide our clients with an unparalleled level of automation, data insight and optimisation functionality. This is cost-effective, future-proofed to maximise your investment, and creates a more compelling online brand experience. 

We can use Google Search Ads 360 for you or you can buy a licence from us and we’ll provide you with all the necessary training and on-going support.

With Google Search Ads 360 we can:

  • Develop insights on how users engage with your business on and offline
  • Model cross-channel, cross-device attribution that focuses on ad impressions and ad clicks
  • Consolidate audience lists and user data to build new audiences, publish those audiences to your marketing platforms and report on their performance
  • Use an enterprise workflow to manage web and app tags from a single interface
  • Run website experiments and personalise content for different audiences
  • Create online surveys
  • Achieve greater search performance

Interested? Give us a call on 0117 321 1393 to find out more.

users searching online through his devices

Optimising Google Search, Video, Shopping & Remarketing campaigns since 2006.

Every PPC campaign receives a quality set-up and dedicated daily management, with the best commercial minds in the business keeping your conversion rates high and click costs low. 

The use of audiences and customer data is a vital part of campaign composition and targeting, having a tremendously positive effect on client conversion rates and driving down CPAs.

Conversion Rate Improvements & ROAS Report

All of our Shopping Campaigns are based on a ROAS (return on ad spend) model with a minimum target of 500%.

Google Ads campaigns should be a granular reflection of what content is within your website as well as the search terms people are using to find it. Our custom analytics reports provide incredible insights into campaign performance and visitor behaviour, and our advanced software and analytics experience allows for rolling optimisation assisted by machine learning. 

“I found a cheaper Google Ads management service – why do you cost more?”

Anyone can set up a Google Search Ads campaign, but will the campaign be profitable? Without an expert level of knowledge, your Google Ads campaign can quickly become expensive, with little or no return. 

As a Google Partner, our team are experts in the latest Google Ads tools and best practice techniques. With our services, you can look forward to organised, informed and highly effective campaigns that reflect your business’ core potential.