Style and tone of voice should be defined within your company’s brand guidelines to ensure consistency regardless of who is writing the copy.

Using your brand guidelines to dictate style and tone of voice, we can provide copy for any medium including:

  • Film and video scripts
  • Radio commercial scripts
  • Web content copy
  • Social media copy
  • Media releases
  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Point of sale
  • Print copy 
  • Advertising copy
  • Editorial copy


When creating your content, we would take into consideration:

  • The content we need to create and for who – this will form the basis of your content pillars
  • The problems we are looking to solve for your audiences – whether they are existing customers or potential customers looking for a solution
  • What makes your company unique – and how we make your business stand out from the competition
  • What content formats to focus on
  • Technical content requirements such as SEO